Comic Auctions Gain During Corona-Crisis

During a time where there have already been several reports of popular key comic issues declining in value on the comic market, one leading comic auction retailer reports that comic auction participation is up from the same time one year ago.

ComicLINK Auctions

One of the most established online comic auction sites, has released a recent report indicates comic auction participation in their March 24th and April 8th increased by 12% year-over-year from the March/April 2019 auction! 

It's an amazing stat that clearly stems from the fact that collectors and retailers have been shuttered in for the a nationwide quarantine and have all turned in unison to online comic collection. In their release, they claim that the number of winning bidders increased by 13%. Which would make it the largest single gain year over year since this stat has been recorded.

One might make the argument that the current auctions have features higher grade or more highly sought-after issues than previous auctions from the prior time periods. But CominLINK assures us that this is not the case stating, "Since the quantity of items in our auction only increased by 2%, and the quality of the offering was consistent, it brings us to the conclusion that, year-over-year, demand for vintage, certified comic books has actually increased".

With this increased interest in comics online, we will be following closely the issue which appear to be gaining traction in this newly generated market. While we at StudioComic do not currently follow trend pricing for comic book original artwork, which is also offered in ComicLINK auctions, we can only presume that they will also attract they same gains for participation that printed comics have enjoyed.


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