The Mighty Covid-Induced Fall of Incredible Hulk #181

Disclaimer: I've always been suspicious of any bronze age book that seems to be selling for prices that would make Caligula blush. I personally feel like an item not matter how collectible that comes from an age where active collectors were in the mix can actually be worth very much (I'm looking at you Werewolf by Night #32) .

Much can be debated as to if the current social and financial crisis that is

Covid-19 has manifested itself into the current comics market, but one thing is for sure, The Incredible Hulk #181 has been steadily falling in value from it's once lofty highs.

There could be several reasons to attribute to the fall of this iconic book, but I will list several.

The Incredible Hulk #181 is a bronze-age book, and in being so, is held in a slightly less rare regard to the current float in circulation (listed in the CGC census @ 13,000 copies) . In other words, there are more copies out there, many in higher grades, so the overall long term demand will be less. CGC lists the 50/50 over under at 7.5, which is nothing to sneeze at, unless you consider that a 7.5 current FMV is $2,900.

Last but not least, in the current controversy created by House of X which indicated that The Incredible Hulk #180 is actually the first appearance of Wolverine, while it's widely held in the collector community that The Incredible Hulk #181 is his first appearance. While #181 does feature the iconic badassedness of Wolverine destroying the Hulk on it's cover, the fact that the more rare #180 currently at 4,600 copies in circulation at a 7.5 sells FMV for $600.

Coronavirus impact or not, you could argue that The Incredible Hulk #181 was due for a pullback given that there are currently no substantiated rumors of another Wolverine movie or series coming to any screen in the near future. Most likely Disney is given any character associated with current Fox run of X-Men movies a break. Although I would not be surprised to start seeing newer X-men favs come into the mix soon like Kitty-Pride, Dazzler, or Gambit (but that is a topic better suited for another post).

We will be on the lookout and put any other books that have appeared on our radar as quickly falling in value. Keep in mind when this happens, there are 2 schools of thought for the long-term comic investor, this may represent an opportunity to pick up a classic issue at a quality grade for a lower than expected price that will quickly resume it's rise. Alternatively, a contrarian may choose to believe that the actual value of the issue is headed for a long downward trend and there is not hurry to pick up a copy or upgrade the one that is in their collection as prices will only continue to fall.


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